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Courses to get started with computer science

I never had expoture to computers or programming till my second year of college. After I have my hands on my first computer I started exploring the internet for real. In the first 6 months I came to know about embedded electronics like Arduino.They were cool.I started playing with them for a while and I left them. Then I started playing with computers on the cloud(servers).Thanks to [DigitalOcean]() for provifing $50 free credit and [GCP]() for 12 months free trial(I was only able to use it for a week with a debit card since ).

Things I want to learn

PHYSICS Topics Classical Mechanics Thermodynamics Wave Motion Electromagnetism Optics Quamtum Mechanics Special Theory of Relativity Electronics MATHEMATICS Topics Algebra Algebra Calculus Real analysis Complex analysis Differential equations Functional analysis Number theory Combinatorics Graph theory Game theory Geometry Foundations Information theory Mathematical logic Set theory Topology Differential Geometric Theory of computation Control theory Mathematical physics Mathematical statistics Probability Statistics COMPUTER SCIENCE Topics Embedded system Networking Software development

What I Learned This Week(Part 1)

This week I installed Kali Linux on my laptop and these are a few things I know and learned this week. * I you have issues with the nouveau drivers then disable it when you boot to linux. press e when you get to the grub boot menu and add nouveau.modest=0 at the end of the line where it says Linux .Then press F10 to boot to the OS with nouveau disabled.

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